Research Assistance

Research & Development team of Artisense Technologies Pvt.Ltd is always thinking of new technologies. The R & D team of us is established by the leading interdisciplinary research team from both academia and industry. The interdisciplinary researchers in R & D team having experience as Research Assistant, Research Associate, Technical Team Lead, Junior Research Fellow and Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, professor, Senior Engineers. Now in Artisense the various researchers from different profession are groomed to do innovation in research and education. We are working in a real-world problem and provide assistance for academic research. In academic research, we can provide guidance for researchers or Ph.D Scholars in defining problem, concept preparation, implementation, journal publication in is reputed journals like IEEE, IET, Elsevier, Springer, etc. and writing the thesis. Our R & D team is expertise in cutting edge technologies such as VLSI, Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, Image Processing, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence etc.

Services of our R & D team:
 Guidance for University selection
 Assistance to get Guidance-Acceptance from a Recognized Supervisor
 Assistance for Domain, Area and Topic finalization
 Assistance to find trendy and real-world research problems
 Proposing solutions for the Identified problems
 Documentation of Research proposals
 Implementation and Analysis of the solution
 Documentation of the finalized solution on par with International Standards
 Clear and Concise Language Polishing with a Native speaker
 Publication in Reputed International Journals/Conferences
 Plagiarism-free Thesis/Dissertation Writing
We are specialized in the following domains,
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems(MEMS)
ASIC Design
Image Processing
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
VLSI Design
VLSI Signal Processing
Audio Signal Processing
Communication Systems
Data mining
Digital Image Processing
Digital Signal Processing
Embedded System
Wireless Communication
Wireless Sensor Network

We give you the ASSURANCE for Publications in reputed journals with High Impact Factor (Ex: IEEE, Elsevier journals, Springer) and also in reputed international conferences.

Artisense Pvt.Ltd is an Indian based organization, involved in various services like R & D, Product/Software Development, and IT Consultant. Our  R & D team is providing interdisciplinary research assistance to  researchers or Ph.D. Scholars to speedup their work with less stress. We are here to care for your research work. We wish you all the best to complete your research work on time with less stress…