Water level controller

The “Water level controller” instrument by “ARTISENSE TECHNOLOGIES Pvt.Ltd” is a microcontroller based fully automatic Water Level Controller which is designed to sense the water level and control the water pumps including submersible pumps.This device work 24/7/365, to maintain the level of water in water storage tank at defined level and to keep the water pump on,
only when required and also to maintain the water pump from dry running.
It receives the signal from the sensors and display corresponding water levels and controls the motor using a Relay.
When the overhead tank water level falls below 25% , then motor will turn on automatically till the over head tank level reaches 100%. This controller also checks the dry pump condition for every 60seconds.
This manual contains the complete information about “Water level controller” Operation. Please go through this manual carefully before installing & operating the instrument.


 Corrosion resistant sensors.
 Light weight and simple installation.
 230±10% VAC power supply input.
 Upto 2HP motor can be controlled.
 Auto and Manual modes operations available.
 Sump and Tank 4 Level Sensor.
 Dry Pump Protection.